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Inside The Huddle of The 1963 World Champion Chicago Bears

'63 will take you inside the huddle as the 1963 Chicago Bears challenge for the World Championship of Professional football. These Monster's of The Midway took no prisoner's on their march to glory. This story told through the eyes of the players and coaches who were there provides a compelling look back at professional football in the early 1960s.

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Unforgettable Triumph

Led by future Heisman Trophy winner Ernie Davis and legendary coach Ben Schwarzwalder, this group of hardnosed young men pushed their way to the top of college football in 1959. An improbable story with an improbable ending, where hard work and total dedication created a remarkable undefeated season.

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Carmen Basilio's Triumph Amidst the Golden Era of Boxing

In 1957, Carmen Basilio conquered Sugar Ray Robinson, seizing the middleweight world title. His journey epitomized resilience in a gripping boxing era. Defying mob pressure, Basilio upheld honor, moving up weight classes to confront Robinson. This dynamic tale explores the 'Golden Era of Boxing,' an enchanting epoch in sports history.

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What They Are Saying About Gary's Books

Gil Brandt (personal director Dallas Cowboys 1960-1988)

'63 reviews

"It's A great read!"

Dan Sullivan (offensive tackle, Baltimore Colts 1963)

'63 reviews

"A wonderful story where hard work and dedication meant more than money to a group of gritty guys."

Rick Casares (Fullback 1963 Bears)

Inside The Huddle of The 1963 World Champion Chicago Bears

"This book stirred my emotional juices, feeling the excitement of the games, and the great brotherhood of my teammates. This book will take you in the huddle of the special men who won the 1963 World Championship."

Tonya Fehri.

Life and Love in The Adirondacks Volume I

"I read the entire book in one weekend fully immersed in the town of Eagle Cove and all of its cheeky characters.  Days later I am still randomly thinking about Jasper Day.  Life and Love in the Adirondacks is poignant, amusing, and charming. This story will hook you from the start and keep you until the end.  Highly recommend!”


Life and Love in The Adirondacks Volume I

“Life and Love in the Adirondacks: The Jasper Day Chronicles is a fictional story about life in a small town in the Adirondack Mountains. This book was easy to read and kept me engaged. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading short stories.”

Leslie Cosgrove

Life and Love in The Adirondacks

"An ordinary man living an ordinary life shares a year of his life. Each human has a story that is unique and special. Mr. Youmans brilliantly shares such a story."

TeresaE. Young

The Onion Picker Book

"I ordered this book for my husband and he loved it! He will read it more than once. He has already shared it with two other fellas his age who remember the boxers and they loved it."

The Boston Globe

The Onion Picker Book

"The book nails the brutish and criminal politics of the postwar fight game. Youmans description of bouts with Boston hero, Tony DeMarco are enough to conjure vivid memories of the Gillette-sponsored “Friday Night Fights,” on which Basilio would frequently appear."

Maxboxing.com (Brett Conway)

The Onion Picker Book

The “Onion Picker” belongs on the shelf of any boxing fan interested in boxing history.

Janice Difant, North Syracuse, NY


“With all the noise around us in our world today, we all need some time to sit back, relax and take our minds to a peaceful and loving place. This book will give you that gift. This is the sequel to ‘Life and Love In The Adirondacks: If you’re looking for a great read full of joy, love and laughter for the summer or any time, this book is for you. I loved it and I am sure you will too.”

Tim Sise Amsterdam, NY


“A soulful story about a very soulful man. I highly recommend this book!"

Bob Tenerman, Buffalo, NY


“I really enjoyed this book. It was very easy to like Jasper Day and the Townspeople of Eagle Cove. It is a good read."

Arnie Burdick, retired Sports Editor, Syracuse Herald Journal.

‘59 Reviews

“On a scale of 1-10 ’59 rates an 11… matter of fact two 11’s.”

Val Pinchback, Retired Director of Media Relations, National Football League.

‘59 Reviews

“A great read. ’59 provides a great look back at college football in the late 1950s. I highly recommend this book!"

Dwight Ball, Binghamton, NY

‘59 Reviews

“Historic, Inciteful, Personal… and a must read for any sports fan.”



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